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Glide Step | electric premium step

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  • GS010
Glide Step – a cutting edge vehicle side access step. AVS Glide Step Our electric Glide Step... more

Glide Step – a cutting edge vehicle side access step.

AVS Glide Step

Our electric Glide Step range, available in 600mm and 1200mm widths, provides the best possible reliability and performance, while also offering aesthetic integration with modern vehicles. This means it not only visually complements taxis, minibuses and ambulances, but has been engineered with precision to ensure it won’t let you down in the field, minimizing off-road time.

Every aspect of the Glide Step has been refined by our inhouse team of designers, from the all new motor, to the LED strip for better visibility, and new guide wheels for improved deploying and stowing, through to the lower covers for easier cleaning access.


  • Designed to not let you down – Keeping your vehicle on the road is paramount, which is why the Glide Step has been designed with a new motor, and ridged guide wheels that run on stainless steel rails to ensure the step is fit for continuous use day-in-day-out.
  • New powerful motor – The Glide Step is powered by a much stronger motor than previous models, meaning that the step can deploy at any angle or incline you happen to be parked on.
  • Ridged wheel shape – The new internal guide wheel design allows debris to pass through for smooth reliable action, even in the toughest of conditions.
  • Sleek new design – With black tread end caps that integrate seamlessly with step’s plastic corners and new anodised aluminium tread, the Glide Step is designed to complement modern vehicle aesthetics.
  • Sensitive edge safety feature – A failsafe that halts power to the motor upon coming into contact with an obstruction, preventing damage to the step and injury to passengers. As an added safety feature, the step will not deploy if the sensitive edge is damaged (replacement kits available if required).
  • LED strip light – A bright, flashing LED light alerts the user when the step is deploying and stowing. When fully deployed, the light stays on for better visibility.
  • Dashboard switch – The step comes with a wiring kit that includes a control and a dashboard switch. This switch not only turns the step on/off but also lights up to inform the driver whether the step is currently deployed, stowed or moving.
  • Removable underside covers – The Glide Step will need minimal cleaning to release debris, and the removable covers make this extremely easy to do so.
  • Bespoke fitting kit - The Glide Step is available for all popular passenger vehicles / ambulances, and is supplied with a bespoke fitting kit for each model. All instructions required for fitting the step to your vehicle are provided with the product
  • Emergency stow – The step provides a quick and easy method of stowing manually in the event or an issue with the step that prevents it from stowing as normal.
  • Extensively tested - The Glide Step has undergone a rigorous series of tests to ensure safety, reliability and premium performance. This includes cycle load testing of increasing weights in both central and off-centre positions for tens of thousands of cycles, as well as destruction and field testing.


  • Available in 600mm and 1200mm width options.
  • Weights: 25kg, 33kg
  • Safe working load: 200kg
  • Available for all popular passenger vehicles/ambulances, and supplied with bespoke fitting kits for each model.
  • 3 year warranty
  • VCA approved
  • EMC conforming
  • UKCA / CE compliant
  • Idler arm, motor arm, motor bracket and connecting arms are now electro painted to improve corrosion resistance and are salt spray tested to 1000 hours.
  • Upper seal, lower seal, and sensitive edge are now UV stable, making the step more weather resistant.
  • Twin arms with smooth reliable action
  • Heavy duty, high powered motor – 50nm torque
  • Detailed user manual provided
  • Deploy/stow time: 1.5 seconds
Suitable for
AVS Steps | side steps MAN TGE 2017 - All vehicle lengths & heights
AVS Steps | side steps Volkswagen Crafter 2017 - All vehicle lengths & heights
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