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SLM Step | manual step

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  • SLM005
SLM Step | manual step The SLM range - The perfect tool for vehicles with low ground clearance.... more

SLM Step | manual step

The SLM range - The perfect tool for vehicles with low ground clearance.
The SLM is our manual, pedal-operated step with a thin cassette profile and unobtrusive design. Despite its thinner appearance, the SLM offers excellent performance in terms of reliability and strength.


Slim design - The thin cassette profile provides maximum ground clearance that meets taxi standards, yet has a high strength load capacity of 150kg.

Gas springs for smooth extension - We understand that passenger safety is the top priority. Our design engineers focused on the smooth extension of the step and added an oil reservoir at the end of the piston movement, slowing down the last 40mm of extension.

Galvanised steel housing – The SLM has a galvanised steel housing with a weatherproof protective strip.

Customised mounting kits – Thanks to the customised mounting kits, the SLM is available for many different types of vehicles.

Warning Beep – After the pedal is depressed, the warning beeper sounds until the step is fully extended.

Pedal – A pedal attached to the side of the SLM to extend the step reduces installation time by eliminating the need for wiring.

Product testing

The SLM is rigorously tested internally under real-world conditions to ensure that the step will withstand its expected use.


Cassette: Galvanised steel
Tread: Aluminium
Tread: Nylon and stainless steel


Tread width: 600mm
Cassette width: 760mm
Tread depth (extended): 281mm
Cassette depth (stowed): 600mm
Cassette depth with tread (Extended): 835mm
Footboard height: 34mm
Cassette height: 70mm
Weight: 14,26kg
Load capacity: 150kg

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