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KammBar rear roller

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Rear roller KammBar After you have purchased a KammBar® system, you also want to make it as... more

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Rear roller KammBar

After you have purchased a KammBar® system, you also want to make it as easy and accessible as possible. The associated loading roller system makes loading and unloading the roof crossbar very easy.

KammBar® rear roller system – key features

  • Exclusively suitable for the KammBar system
  • Loading and unloading are made more efficient
  • Stainless steel loading roller
  • Additional protection for the rear of the vehicle
  • Generously adjustable to suit the length and roof height of your vehicle
  • Load capacity up to 50 kg
  • Rattle-free composite connections

KammBar® rear roller system – usability

The loading roller system for the KammBar® follows the same product philosophy as the KammBar® itself: high strength, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

The loading roller itself is particularly smooth-running and is made of solid stainless steel, suspended from widely adjustable supports via durable and rattle-free composite connectors. The loading roller has a load capacity of up to 50 kg and is perfect as a loading aid for ladders and sheet metal.

KammBar® rear roller system – appearance

This loading roller system is designed and styled to perfectly match the KammBar® system. The roller itself hangs on anodised aluminium supports that follow the shape of the truss rod. As a stainless steel roller, it adds a touch of class to any roof crossbar system.

KammBar® rear roller system – economic efficiency

The loading roller is not only an aid when material is being loaded onto the roof crossbar, it also protects the rear edge of the vehicle. It is shaped to overhang the rear doors. If, for example, a ladder slips out of the hand, it hits the loading roller and not the tailgate or the roof of the vehicle. Expensive damage to the vehicle is thus avoided.

The loading roller can be easily mounted on the roof crossbar system. In addition, it is height-adjustable so that it can easily be adapted to the length and roof height of the vehicle.

KammBar® rear roller system – safety

This loading roller system not only makes loading and unloading the vehicle safer, it is fully GS-certified by TÜV and crash-tested up to 20 g.