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SafeStow4 ladder safety device for two ladders | 3.1m

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  • RAS19-SK22P
Double ladder SafeStow4 – side length 3.1m With SafeStow4, you no longer need to climb onto... more

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Double ladder SafeStow4 – side length 3.1m

With SafeStow4, you no longer need to climb onto the roof of the vehicle to load and secure your ladders. You can stand firmly on the ground while you load and secure each ladder quickly, easily and conveniently.

SafeStow4: key features

  • Safe loading and unloading onto ladder racks on the vehicle roof from the ground
  • Variants: double
  • New and better protection for every ladder: better fastening with BeltStow and vibration damping devices
  • Raising and lowering are supported by adjustable gas springs
  • Made of extra strong aluminium alloy with stainless steel components
  • More streamlined
  • Extremely secure and lockable to prevent theft (padlock not included)
  • Also available in length 2.2 m for shorter ladders
  • End stops included in delivery
  • Load capacity 60kg
  • Particularly suitable for roof crossbars and roof baskets for Rhino products
  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland and crash-tested at 20 g
  • IMPORTANT: At least 3 roof crossbars must be used!

Possibilities of SafeStow4

No more hassle with loading ladders onto your vehicle roof with our SafeStow4 ladder rack system.

SafeStow4 is the perfect tool for loading and unloading ladders from the roof of your vehicle: you can keep both feet firmly on the ground.

Absolutely smooth sliding when loading and unloading thanks to brass bushes and fully sealed ball bearings.

Appearance of SafeStow4

SafeStow4 is made of a particularly robust aluminium alloy and has stainless steel components. This ensures a long life with little wear even under tough conditions. The overall height of SafeStow4 is extremely low, yet all ladders are kept perfectly safe all the way around. All ladders are held securely in place with tear-proof straps and mounts for padlocks to prevent theft are provided.

Possibilities of SafeStow4

SafeStow4 has adjustable gas springs to optimise the resistance when lifting and lowering ladders of different weights from the vehicle roof. For example, taller vehicles require more resistance from the gas springs to compensate for the greater leverage (resulting from the longer swing arm required to raise the ladder to the roof).

SafeStow4 comes in four versions: single wide, double wide, extra wide and double wide for transporting ridge ladders.

SafeStow4 safety

Placing and transporting heavy objects such as ladders on vehicle roofs requires special safety. That’s why we put SafeStow4 through rigorous safety testing. SafeStow4 is fully GS-certified by TÜV Rheinland and crash-tested up to 20g.

Important: SafeStow4 can only be securely fixed to roof crossbars or roof baskets with at least three crossbars: this is the only way to ensure long durability.

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SafeStow4 ladder safety device for 1 extra wide ladder | 3.1m
3,1m SafeStow4 (one ladder with wide bottom traverse)
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